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Who We Are

We are not anonymous.  We are your neighbors. 

We are volunteers committed to participating in and improving our shared community. 


  • Whether your family has been in East River since it was built, or you moved in last decade, last year, or last week...

  • Whether you come from across the neighborhood, across the city, across the country, or across the globe...

  • Whoever you voted for, or if you didn’t vote...

  • Whether you’re 15, 35, 65, or 105...

  • Whether you’re a cooperator who owns your apartment’s shares, or a renter who’s subletting...

       …we’re all neighbors!

Below are our names, so far. 

We look forward to watching this list grow !

Helena Andreyko
Mariusz Czerwinski
Susan Levinson
Steve Levinson
Alan Li
Virginia Liebowitz
Margaret Lin
Tommy Loeb
Mona Manahi
Will Murphy
Sheila O'Shea
Ellen Renstrom
Gary Shaw
Mary Sheridan
Joane Wong
Stanley Zucker

Want to add your name to this list?  Do you have some time and energy and the desire to get involved?  Email us through the "Contact Us."

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