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An Open Letter to our East River Neighbors

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”                 — Margaret Mead

After years of Covid isolation, many of us are seeking a renewed sense of community, a forum to bring

people together around a set of common purposes and common goals.


Two recent violent criminal acts: a stabbing in a resident’s apartment, and a daytime attack by an intruder in

the Building 2 playroom, plus recurring package and mail thefts, and other serious issues have made many of

us realize that we could all benefit from better communication and cooperation between our 1,672 apartments

and nearly 4,000 residents.  We are not a small town—we are a large one.  It’s time for us to have a proper

town square.


Accordingly, a small group of us, all East River shareholders, have decided to create East River Neighbors, to talk amongst ourselves about ways of improving our community and the health of our shared living spaces.  How can we help each other?  Improve our grounds?  Make sure that our collective goals and needs are met with the best, most transparent, and most economical oversight?  Make sure that whatever concerns we have are heard, respected and acted upon?


East River Neighbors is open to all East River Co-op residents.  We all have a stake in our community.

And we all have a say.

Together we can:

  • Build a stronger, more participatory community.

  • Provide timely, accurate information on issues and events that impact East River residents.

  • Provide a forum for East River residents to: communicate ideas, suggestions, and concerns among each other; relay our concerns to Management and our Board in actionable ways; and work with Management, the Board and the House Committee to make necessary and reasonable improvements to our safety and quality of life.

  • Host fun, interesting and educational meetings and events to keep us all informed as to the state of our community.


What each of us can do:

       Are you more comfortable talking to a human than a website?  Call us at (646) 619-8065.

  • Join the conversation: diverse voices and positions, inclusion, and free exchange are core principles for us.

  • Attend our Spring kickoff meeting on Tuesday, March 21 (in person - preferably! Or over Zoom) to meet neighbors and listen – with the option to opine.  Nosh with your neighbors! 

  • Tell us what is important to you: complete our anonymous East River Neighbors survey on our website.

  • Are you a Facebook user?  Check out the independent  “I Live in East River Housing Co-op” Facebook group.  

Our individual good is our cooperative good.  Join us and be a part of it!

Spring Kickoff Meeting - (in person or via Zoom)

Where:  Paul Taylor Dance Studio, 551 Grand St., 2nd floor (elevator available)

When:   Tuesday, March 21, 7 PM. 

What:    Meet neighbors, discuss issues, have a bite and a drink, it’s all good!


East River Neighbors   •   •   (646) 619-8065

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